So why be a part of Cynbad4real? I’m glad you asked! Ultimately, the brand movement is about three core philosophies: Look Good, Feel Good, and Do Good— or, more simply put, beauty, fashion, health and wellness, charity and philanthropy.

The first aspect of Cynbad4real is “Look Good”. This aspect has to do with fashion and beauty— celebrating their place in our lives by recognizing that true value and worth comes from within. That is how the second aspect ties in: “Feel Good”. Health and wellness of both the body and mind is vastly important, as our own wellness dictates the service we can provide for others. Therein is the final aspect of the movement— “Do Good”. Once we are confident in ourselves and have given ourselves the gift of mental and physical wellness, we have freed space in our lives to serve others. The three are inextricably linked, which is why it is so vital to us to incorporate all three facets into the movement.

Those three tenets of the movement combine into one central statement: “Crown Thy Good”. Essentially, this movement is about social interaction to empower people as individuals, from the inside out, so they may come together collectively and build thriving communities. Once you “Crown Thy Good”, acknowledging and seeking fullness in all three facets of life, then you are truly able to place that same crown on the head of another.