The Story Behind Cynbad4Real

Cynbad4real has its own roots founded in heartbreak that had to rise above the pain to become something powerful. When its founder Cynthia Edwards was establishing the company, her greatest supporter and inspiration was her mother. Every day, Cynthia’s mother served as an example of everything she wanted the brand to be. She was vibrant, empowering, inspiring and strong. Her mother instilled powerful values within and taught her to always stand for what is right, be selfless, and put her best foot forward for God, family, and community. But just one day after the company began, Cynthia’s mother was rushed to the hospital and placed in intensive care. Two days later, her mother passed— and in that moment, the voice that inspired the company was gone. In the face of this tragedy, Cynthia found solace in Cynbad4real— a representation of all her mother had instilled in her, and all she needed to be in order to find and live her dreams out loud, not just for herself but for everyone. The movement is one that rises above pain, finds redemption in tragedy, and serves as a catalyst to uplift the human spirit.

Cynthia Edwards

Founder and CEO “Cynbad4real”

Founder and President, Today’s Dream Tomorrow’s Future

Cynthia, known by her friends and peers as “The Believer”, is a Washington native with over fifteen years of experience in the non-profit and federal government sector. Cynthia a social influencer, model, public figure and dedicated public servant, has invested her life, work and passion into helping those in need— a drive that finds its inspiration from her upbringing in a family that valued faith, hard work, and volunteerism. She is dedicated to every cause she supports, tirelessly providing resources and cultivating partnerships to foster community and economic empowerment. Cynthia oversees program development, fiscal management, and community partnerships, as well as fund development, grant writing, and compliance. Her expertise lies in training and consulting for national non-profits— specializing in program development, capacity building, planning and evaluation on a federal level. Her skill lies in binding local and federal resources to build strong, thriving communities founded on resilient corporate and community relationships. She launched several campaigns to promote health awareness, disease prevention and positive social connectedness. #MomsSweathearts created a forum to share the experience of losing a mother to heart disease while practicing heart healthy behaviors through fitness, social engagement and healthy eating.  #GreenStandswithPink is an initiative celebrating the life, courage and resilience of women and families fighting breast cancer. #GetThatFitIn is a program that Cynthia dedicated losing her first 101 pounds to her late mother, and in the process creating a call to action to others of all sizes to become more active, and accountable to health goals. Her constant mission is to empower communities by providing the assets they need to overcome every obstacle!